International Shipment

Domestic Transportation

Domestic transport is the movement of goods or people within the national borders of a country. The means the movement either by air or land does occurs inside the country. In contrast, the movement of goods and people across different borders is known as international transport.

Highway Transportation

Developed rapidly after the second world war, this has been the most commonly preferred method of transportation in our country. Due to the common interest in it, competition has risen the most for this method. The reasons that this type of transportation is frequently preferred are significantly faster loading and unloading times, continually scheduled loadings, door-to-door delivery and short consignment times. Since domestic highway transportation has an unlimited transportation network depending on the geographical conditions, service can be provided 24/7. As finding specialized vehicles is fairly easier, transportation services can be provided more frequently. This method ensures economic advantages, especially through short-distance deliveries. These features provided flexibility to highway transportation, resulting in a more common preference. The significant increase of length in highway networks plays an important role in the popularity of domestic freight transportation.

Seaway transportation

Making the safe haulage of heavy cargo possible, domestic seaway transportation is also preferred for its economic advantages. Being significantly advantageous among the methods of transportation, maritime transportation is preferred commonly as it allows the shipment of heavy cargo while taking advantage of the geographical position of the country. As Zielen Logistics, we provide the best service by preserving our quality standards and safety with our expert staff. We pay significant attention to providing an economic and practical service through our technological equipment and advanced network. While being in connection with at least 40 ports across the world, we provide the following services:

  •    FCL Container, export and import transportation,
  •    LCL Container, export and import transportation,
  •    Reporting services,
  •    Weekly scheduled shipments,
  •    Specialized container options (Opentop, Flatrack, Reefer, Flexi, etc.),
  •    Documentation delivery on time,
  •    Fast, economic and reliable shipping services

We present fast and reasonably priced weekly scheduled transportation services. You can choose between FCL (full container load) or LCL (partial container load) options according to your needs in order to receive the optimal service.

Airline Transportation

The main reason airline transportation is commonly chosen is its ability for fast delivery. In addition to making fast transportation available to long distances, airline transportation is also preferred as it lowers the storage costs. We deliver our clients’ cargo to the greatest distances in the shortest time with our distinguished safety standards and expert staff. We provide a fast and reliable service with a dynamic crew aiming for same-day deliveries to numerous parts of the world. Some of the services we provide as Zielen Logistics can be listed as:

In addition, we aim to fulfill all your transportation needs in the shortest time possible with our Handcarry and Time Critical services. With our Handcarry service, we provide fast delivery of your small cargo to any location in the world as we deliver it to the exact address. With Time Critical, we provide a minute-sensitive service that delivers your large or small cargo at the exact time requested.

Railway Transportation

Making the transportation of heavy cargo fast and practical, railway transportation is also preferred for its low cost. It has been a common method of transportation for years in our country especially due to its high performance in long-distance deliveries.

The Importance of Storage in Transportation

Just as significant as transportation, storing is the act of preserving and preparing the cargo after it is received until the time of delivery. In order to provide an efficient delivery service, coordination with the storage staff should be established. Various types of storage are provided depending on the duration the cargo is stored. While the long-term storage is called a warehouse, the cargo can be stored in a distribution center or a transshipment center as the storage time shortens. The demand for distribution and transshipment centers has risen with the increase in the use of transportation types such as cross-docking. Storage operations generally involve receiving the cargo, examination, storage placement, counting, gathering, final controls and preparing for shipment. In order for the delivery operation to be executed efficiently, a professional and planned organization is crucial. With the controls and information flow regulated until the delivery, the operation concludes successfully.

Partial Domestic Transportation

With the help of our technological infrastructure and distinguished transfer network, we aim to carry out every transportation operation with high efficiency and low cost. As a part of Globelink Ünimar, our expert staff provides reporting and informing services through Key Account administration while safely delivering the cargo of all the customers on the same route.
We aim to deliver the cargo in the fastest way possible while giving the cargo owner the option to choose the arrival time. We achieve the most efficient way of transportation by creating the most ideal options through incorporating seaway, airline and highway transportations.

Partial Highway Transportation: This method of transportation involves the delivery of cargo owned by multiple owners stored in the same container. By combining domestic partial transportation, which provides low costs and flexibility, with other types of transportation you can save significant amounts of time.
Partial Airline Transportation: Preferred for cargo that does not fill the whole unit, this type of transportation ensures fast and reliable delivery to the desired location. Preferred for its high delivery speed, through airline partial transportation we continue to satisfy our clients.
Partial Seaway Transportation: Preferred when the ship is not in full capacity, this method of transportation provides large amounts of space. Additionally, it is economically advantageous as the cost of transportation is divided between the cargo owners. With our services meeting our clients’ expectations, we provide fast and economic delivery. With our staff located in the most commonly used ports, we lower the documentation delivery times to a minimum.

On the other hand, if you wish to transfer cargo enough to fill a transportation vehicle, we recommend our FTL services. Also known as Complete Transport, FTL stands for Full Truck Load. FTL can be defined as the type of transportation where the cargo completely fills the truck, lorry or rig in terms of either weight or size. The biggest advantage this method presents is the direct delivery without any transit of the cargo. Carrying the whole cargo in a single shipment is advantageous in terms of speed and time. Additionally, the undivided shipment presents lower costs.

The Advantages of Domestic Container Transportation

Highly beneficial for import and export goods, domestic container transportation is one of the commonly preferred methods of transportation. While this method ensures the transportation of export goods in the desired areas, it also provides the delivery of import goods from the ports to any location in the country. Another one of the advantages container transportation provides is a matter of speed and hygiene. By eliminating the loading and unloading processes, this method allows the cargo to be transported untouched. This way, the loss of time caused by the loading and unloading of major loads is overcome.

While container transportation can be integrated with airline, seaway and highway transportations, it is most commonly used with seaway transportation in our country. Developed constantly over the years, container transportation has become a multifunctional method of transportation. Previously conducted only between ports, this method now allows the door to door delivery. Container transportation presents numerous advantages. In addition to the hygiene it provides, it creates a safer environment for the cargo as it is stored in containers. It also lowers the costs since it allows the transportation of major cargo at once. This type of transportation is commonly preferred by our clients for hygiene, economic and practical uses.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Among the types of transportation, domestic transportation of dangerous goods requires the most attention as it has to be carried out in the safest way possible. In order to preserve the environment and public health, the transportation of dangerous goods such as explosives, corrosives and flammable cargo has to follow certain standards. These standards are implemented by Directorate-General for Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport Regulation, under the Directorate of Transportation and Logistics Systems. Transportation of dangerous goods is generally preferred with highway freight. European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, ADR in short, oversees the safety procedures of transportation of dangerous goods by road. This way, every single employee is ensured to fulfill their responsibilities.

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