Milk Run Transportation

If you need e-commerce logistics characterised by speed, accuracy and effectiveness, look no further. Not only do we tailor our solutions to your specific business needs but ensure maximum capacity utilization at relatively low costs with effectively planned milk-run pickups. Based on a routing schedule that our e-commerce experts design for your business, we will coordinate transportation and pick-ups from your multiple vendors at different locations and consolidate them to be stored securely at our warehouses. We’ll optimise operations to reduce and eliminate inefficiencies in your business supply chain thus helping you boost profitability.

Reach out for milk-run pick-up services and end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions that help save time and cost for your business.

By Implementing the Milk Run method, Companies have improved their supply chain process in the following wayi

  • Cost-efficient route for the procurement of the material
  • Decreases the number of turns
  • Decreases the inventory at the warehouse
  • Decreases the total lead time 
  • Decreases the WIP time.
  • Improvement in the warehouse management and fast delivery of goods and products
  • Decreases distance traveled by the trucks and also decreases the number of trucks’ Rapid Time to Value
  • Cost-effective

Time Tracking

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100% Safe delivery

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