Freight & Logistics Currency Transfers

Profits within the freight & logistics industry rely heavily on exchange rates. Universal Partners FX competitive exchange rates to ensure your profit margins are maximised.

With competitive exchange rates in the industry, our service provides a cost-effective international payment option with complete transparency. Our clients in freight and shipping rely on our assistance to facilitate multiple payments to a wide range of global locations cost-effectively.

With over 212 countries to choose from, Universal Partners FX’s online payment platform provides a way for freight and shipping companies to manage and assess the value of their foreign exchange easily.

Frequent international payments within this industry are almost compulsory, and the desire to keep fees as low as possible becomes imperative to protect business profits. Universal Partners FX is simple, fair, and transparent, allowing you to plan and strategise your finances.

What freight & logistics foreign exchange services can we offer you?

Corporate Solutions

We provide freight & logistics workers and businesses of all sizes a unique mix of bank beating foreign exchange services, intuitive technology and proactive support, giving you cost-effective access to the global fx market place.

Risk Management

Working collaboratively with you, we develop a deep understanding of how currency volatility affects the freight and shipping business, before delivering a risk management strategy created to meet your specific objectives.

Global Payment Solutions

End-to-end payment solutions enable our freight & logistics clients to send thousands of payments in a single file upload across over 140 currencies in over 220 countries and territories. Perfect for any of their foreign exchange needs.

Time Tracking


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