Route Survey and Analysis

Route Survey and Analysis is an integral part of ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo), OOG (Out of Gauge) and Project Cargo transportation in India due to the infrastructural hinderances. En-route railway tracks, road width restrictions, road construction quality, height of tunnels, overhead bridges, wires, buildings and structures, bridge capacity, forest land, mountainous terranes, sharp turns, steep climbs etc make it extremely important for a Route Analysis to be conducted before moving any sort if special cargo.

Zielen Logistics Roadways conducts route surveys and feasibility studies with respect to odd shaped/weighing cargo as well as permissions and plausibility.

Route analysis is done for routes:

  1. Within India from anywhere to anywhere
  2. Between India Bangladesh
  3. Between India Nepal
  4. Between India Bhutan

So that we stay ahead of any competition:

  1. We comply with road transportation policies
  2. All our vehicles are tested against pollution control
  3. Inter-state carriage of goods compliance
  4. On time, safe delivery of consignment is of utmost priority
  5. Transportation of dangerous goods is handled very differently
  6. All penalty charges for OOG/ODC cargo are duly paid
  7. Road worthiness test of heavy good vehicles is kept in mind
  8. Special equipment is used for special cargo such as Air Cushion Trailers, Hydraulic Axle Trailers, Barges, Hydra Cranes etc

Why Is Route Planning So Crucial?

  1. Reduces Transportation Costs. …
  2. Decreases the Risk of Accidents. …
  3. Increases Driver Satisfaction. …
  4. Increases Customer Satisfaction. …
  5. Increases Productivity. …
  6. Partner With a Third-Party Logistics Provider. …
  7. Invest in Route Optimization Software. …
  8. Hire a Dispatching Team to Manage Drivers.

Time Tracking


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